the heart behind

I'm KANDACE, nice to meet you.

It all started with my own wedding. In January 2020, I got to plan the best day ever!

I don’t know about you but when I was planning my own wedding, I had so many Pinterest board dreams but not a huge budget to do them all and had no idea where to start. The wedding industry can make the planning process, décor, and little details feel very overwhelming and intimidating. Maybe even make you feel like your day isn’t perfect unless you have all the things. 

I had to decide what the best ways were to get RSVPs, spent several days stressing about which table people would sit at, and where could I cut costs but still have a unique day. I ended up addressing my own invitations, customized my own timeline, contacted all vendors, and found budget friendly ways to make my dreams a reality and that sparked a dream to help others. 

My wedding day was such a special day in my life for so many reasons and honestly sometimes I wish I could relive it and soak it all in. I was my own coordinator and I really do feel like it prevented me from really enjoying the day because I was focused on every detail, when vendors arrive, and where everything went. 

I left my full time job in vocational ministry in June 2022 and the Lord told me to dream again. I had no idea what that meant, because planning weddings definitely wasn’t something I thought I could make a profession and provide for my family, but here we are!

 I got to dream up something new. A place where I can create, meet new friends, help others, and of course see people get married! I wanted to create a friendship with brides to help them through the process and make their Pinterest board dreams a reality. I want to sit with you over a cup of coffee and hear about your wedding dreams. Be a place for you to ask every question, provide insight, give décor tips, walk through your venue, customize your timeline, and help with all your wedding sign dreams.

I want to be your side kick, stress reliever, the executor of your vision, and your therapist if you need it, so that your day can be a day you and your family cant help but remember and enjoy. 

Hey There! We are the Kriesels!

This is my support right here. I met Sean when I was a Freshman in College and If I can be real, I was not looking for anything at the time. But this guy came out of no where and the Lord made it so clear that he was the one 6 months in. We tied the knot January 2020 after dating for 5 years and I am so grateful. He was the groom who just wanted me to dream it up and said I didn’t have to worry about him crying at the alter because that was a guarantee. He was not pro- first look, so we ended up doing our vows and feet washing intimately after the ceremony. 

We may be a little biased but we have the cutest golden doodle in the world named Burke! We got him in 2021 and he has ALL the puppy energy. We are OBSESSED.

We love traveling to new places and loveee coffee. We may spend a little too much money on it but we just got an espresso machine so we are ready to have everyone over for a latte.

and I am all about the butterflies.

A little about my love story